Testimonies From Our Viewers

from Viewers



When I had almost no spiritual experience and didn’t know how to pray and talk to the Lord, when I was afraid of God and didn’t know that I could live with Him, the GNC TV channel taught me these things. The GNC preachers teach me the truth, and through the GNC broadcasts, I have gained extensive knowledge. Without this spiritual support, I would never have understood the Bible. And through GNC teachings, I got to know God. I realized that He loves us, and He is with us and that our life here on earth can be like in Heaven. Thanks to GNC I have the opportunity to watch preachers that otherwise I would never have been able to see in my life. I’m very grateful to you! I don’t know how I would have done this without you. I wish to participate in your work and will be giving my offerings to financially support GNC as long as I am alive!



I am your partner with all my heart. I always give with joy, and I see and know that GNC is a really good place for saving people. I myself receive a lot through sermons on GNC and take notes on many teachings. Afterward I reread my notes, pray, and edify myself. Every time I have the opportunity to send you my gift, I rejoice like a child. Due to the state of my health and my age, I cannot preach all over the world, so I am grateful to God for GNC and for being a part of this ministry. I do what I can and do it with all my heart. I bless you all and pray for you.

I want to share my testimony with you. I had calcification on my spine. When the masseur would run his massage roller over it, I would experience terrible pain and I would even jump and scream. I recently watched a sermon by Dr. Soares, and at the end of his sermon he prayed, including for the spine too. And the Lord healed me — it was a real miracle! You have no idea how much this means to me! Thank God!



I love all the sermons that are broadcast on GNC. Recently, I listened to Dmitry Shatrov’s teaching about the unconditional love of God and love for our enemies. I’m going through such a situation right now, and this word was a confirmation for me in my situation. I realized that I was going in the right direction.

I really like Q&A with Denise Renner. Denise and her team talk about the situations faced by many women who don’t see a way out or don’t understand why they find themselves in such difficult circumstances. The women who watch receive wise advice, encouragement, and testimonies, and all of this strengthens them in faith. I always watch these videos and send links to other women. I also often watch GNC broadcasts, and this is a great blessing for me. May God bless you in your ministry — it really has a huge impact on people.